Published On: 15/06/2024Categories: Events

Saturday 22 and Sunday and 23 June 2024 from 9.00 am there will be the:


Registration is still open!

Registrations are received through the IVF portal: to access must be enter the tax code (username) and password (which for the first access is the IVF card number).

Registration must then be completed by sending the following documentation to the e-mail address, by 9:00 PM on Thursday, June 20th, 2024:

– a copy of the insurance policy,

– a copy of the transfer receipt of the registration fee;

– a copy of the ORC or IVF Rating certificate.

In the e-mail indicate the class and type of vessel.

The award ceremony is scheduled for 11:00 on Sunday, June 23rd.

For info and registration click on the link below p=3505