Anello delle fornaci is a ring itinerary that brings you to the view of the landscape, naturalistic and historic.
The itinerary can start from where the tourist prefers, the signage to follow is
sentiero VVL-L1.
Starting from the touristic office which is few meters from the lake, you can see the start of the itinerary, with the back to the lake walk to the left and walk along the walk of love, on water’s edge, you can walk on rocks, walkways or small bridges, even passing alongside an old dock. After a kilometer you leave the lakefront and you start going up. After running along some private houses which are well seen from the lake one of the which is Villa Artom where there is fornace Butti, there is a stairway in the woods which leads you to the Fornace in Salvalada, where taking the street on the left brings you to the Fornace del Pinett, with its caracteristic catwalk and small port, it continues untill the Fornace della Punta, wherer after you walk through the woods on the ridge of Monte dei Nassi to get to the residential area of Ispra 70.
From here you go down to the town walking through Via Belvedere, Via Tana della Volpe, Via Monte dei Nassi, dove sono visibili altre Fornaci, via Lavorascio until you arrive to the storic center. You go down to the lake again and near the touristic office there is pebble street behind San Martino church called Ripa Solitaria.


  • Recommended walking route

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Distance: 5.3 km

  • Difficulty: medium The route has steep climbs in the forest. It is therefore not suitable for prams and pushchairs.

  • Altitude difference: 150 mt