The track starts from the touristic office of Ispra Back on the lake on the right proceed along lakefront you enter in Parco della Quassa, where instead of going to the Quassera bridge, walk trhough the Quassa avenue and arrive to via Milano.

Carefully accross the street to enter the woods where if going through you arrive at the Barza level crossing. From here going up through via Mongini you arrive at “casa Don Guanella” where inside you can find the tower with the large twelve-dial clock designed by Marchioni Adamo, a skilled craftsman remembered as the “genius of Barza”. Before “Casa Don Guanella” on the right we find the church of San Quirico and Giulitta. To return to the tourist office, you can take via Raffaello, cross the woods until you reach via Enrico Fermi , a street which coasts the JRC of Ispra. Traveled the way until the level crossing and via Roma where we can observe the Oratory of Ispra , after you arrive in town center where returning on the lakefront going down the via Ripa Solitaria which is behind the San Martino church.


  • Recommended walking route

  • Duration on foot: 1 ora e 1/2

  • Distance:

  • Starting and finishing point: Info Point Ispra