We offer this track which develops on tracks surrounded by greenery, and in some points, near the lake. It extends through Ispra and Ranco.  From the touristic office, which is few meters from the lake on the left you walk along the lakefront arrived at the headquarter of Cannottieri you enter the “Parco della Quassa” continuing until the bridge of Quassera coasting the lake along some private houses.

Inside villa rocchetta you can find a erratic rock similar to the one yo will find later denominate Sasso Cavallazzo. Crossed the bridge you enter in Ranco. Continuing the itinerary in the woods you arrive to the street which leads you to the historic center of Ranco.


  • Recommended walking route

  • Duration on foot: 2 hours

  • Distance: 2.5 km

  • Point of departure and arrival: Info Point Ispra