A short distance from Ispra you can admire the beauty of the Rocca Borremeo of Angera.

“The majestic Rocca in Angera is located on a hilltop on the southern shore of Lake Maggiore.

The castle was originally owned by the Visconti family and subsequently by the Borromeo family. What tends to strike visitors is the architectural harmony of the Rocca’s five different buildings, erected between the 11th and 17th century.

The interiors have been the object of a thorough renovation project, restoring the frescoes, paintings, furnishings and decor to their original glory. A walk through the magnificent reception halls of the Sala del Buon Romano, the Sala della Mitologia, the Sala delle Cerimonie, the Sala di San Carlo and the Sala dei Fasti Borromeo is an experience that will leave even the most jaded art expert amazed.

Outdoors visitors can admire the view of the lake and the Alpine foothills, while the gardens have been carefully restored to their original splendour through the painstaking study of ancient medieval manuscripts. The rocca is also home to the Museum of Dolls and Toys, with over a thousand pieces ranging from the 18th century to modern times.” (by Varese #Do You Lake).


Opening Time: from March to November by consulting the website www.isoleborromee.it

Admission: charge

For more information you can also contact the call center of Terre Borromeo +39 0323 933478